ÖZMEGAMİN FULL(Liquid Mineral Premix)

ÖZMEGAMİN FULL(Liquid Mineral Premix)

ÖZMEGAMİN FULL (Liquid Mineral Premix)

Liquid mineral premix for ruminant and poultry

Purpose of usage;

  • It is a special combination of macro and micro minerals and methionine and lysine amino acids in a balanced way for the development and efficiency of pets.
  • It has healing effects on egg shell, which increases feed utilization in poultry.
  • It is used to eliminate mineral loss in diarrhea and dehydration.
  • Lamb and calves have complementary, accelerate growth and weight gain effects in macro and micro mineral deficiencies.
  • It is a liquid premix that complements deficiencies in macro and micro mineral deficiencies that may occur during pregnancy and lactation due to nutrition or physiological reasons in adult animals.
  • Pica resulting from phosphorus deficiency also has an anti-rickets effect.


500-1000 ml / 1 ton of water / day is applied for 3-5 days. Considering the disease condition and the age of the animal, the amount can be increased twice as per the veterinarian recommendation.


In 1, 5 and 20 liter plastic cans


Should be stored in a cool, dry, light-free environment

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