ÖZEVİTSEL (Vitamin E-Selenyum)

ÖZEVİTSEL (Vitamin E-Selenyum)

ÖZEVİTSEL (Vitamin E-Selenyum)


Purpose of usage;

  • -It is an effective premix for eliminating sterility problems in roosters, low egg yield and hatchability.
  • It is used for preventive purposes in encephalomalacia in chickens and chickens.
  • It is recommended for use in cases such as muscle dystrophies and liver necrosis, exudative diathese.
  • Compensation of vitamin E breakdown in feed with drinking water, heat stress, reduction of feed consumption and other stress situations are effective in the treatment of white muscle disease.
  • It is recommended to increase fertility, use in stiffness, weakness, paresis and muscle degenerations.
  • It is recommended to use paralytic myoglobinuria, weaknesses and diseases during convalescence in horses.


In order to meet the needs of vitamins and amino acids, poultry, B. Baş and K. Baş 1 kg per ton of animal feeds or drinking water. It is recommended to use by joining


In plastic boxes of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 gr.


Should be stored in a cool, dry, light-free environment

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